synology downloads station transmission 활성화

- Stop 'Download Station' from 'Package Center'

- connect using SSH (putty) as root

- edit (i to insert, ESC :x to save&quit)
vi /var/packages/DownloadStation/scripts/start-stop-status

- comment line
rm ${PACKAGE_DIR}/etc/download/settings.json

- edit
vi /usr/syno/etc/packages/DownloadStation/download/settings.json

- change lines (rpc for Transmission Remote GUI)

- Restart 'Download Station' from 'Package Center'

출처 :

  1. Download Station 서비스 중지
    패키지 – 작업 – 중지
    2. terminal 접속
ssh root@
파일 수정 start-stop-status
vi  /var/packages/DownloadStation/scripts/start-stop-status

주석 처리 
rm ${PACKAGE_DIR}/etc/download/settings.json 앞에 # 
#rm ${PACKAGE_DIR}/etc/download/settings.json 

setting.json이 없을 경우 
토렌트를 다운받으면 생성됨.

파일 수정 settings.json
vi /usr/syno/etc/packages/DownloadStation/download/settings.json


3. Downloads station 재시작

transmission remote gui 설치

brew tap caskroom/cask
brew cask install transmission-remote-gui

sdkui-iMac:~ sdk$     brew tap caskroom/cask
 Updating Homebrew…
 Fast-forwarded master to origin/master.


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